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Facilitating the Age of Engagement
Inclusivity – what we do …

Inclusivity is a transformation, change and leadership consultancy.
The scale and speed of change accelerated by the world wide web and social networks has truly made knowledge accessible to “the masses”. In spite of the obvious advantages, having knowledge is no longer enough as a competitive edge - it only becomes useful when it is integrated and used in practical ways. In other words it is what you do with the knowledge and how you use it that determines its true value. This places an added focus on having people work more effectively with one another.

We call this new demand for co-operation the “age of engagement”.

Our purpose is to assist businesses, leaders, teams and people to build effective and innovative organisations  through using new approaches and tools to facilitate successful engagement, change and thinking processes. Our approach is guided by the following beliefs:
  • People are the key to progress and growth
  • Mutual respect guides working relationships
  • Diversity is essential to enriching human experience
  • Developing commitment is the key to achievement

The Inclusivity Experience …

So whether we are consulting to you to design and implement a new organisational structure, or coaching individuals and teams to grow a client intimacy culture, we aim to add that little bit more! We interact with you using Creative Engagement, a powerful process that grows workplace innovation and commitment. The benefit to you is that we leave Creative Engagement behind for you - a powerful and yet subtle way of drawing people into the process of achieving business goals. Make sure you give your organisation the opportunity to realise its full potential through Creative Engagement and the Inclusivity Experience.

"People experience a deep satisfaction when they are appreciated and understood by significant others."

Henry Nelson Wieman


MTN has engaged the services of Inclusivity in various capacities ranging from strategic HR project management, Human Capital solutions to the development and implementation of various change and organizational effectiveness interventions across the MTN Group of operations. The quality and support received has added huge value to further our Group HR and organizational development and learning strategic objectives. Should the need arise to engage their services again; we would not hesitate to do so.

Charl Cuyler
Group Human Resources Manager
MTN Group

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